Put a Little Love in Your Heart

What is the best way to leave school with a smile on your face?

There are certain holiday movies I look forward to watching every year. Scrooged is one of those films. It is great from start to finish. However, the last ten minutes are incredible. If I am flipping through the channels and this scene is on, I have to sit and watch. And even though I have not invested in the prior 2 hours, I always find myself getting choked up.

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has been retold dozens of times. Scrooged might be my favorite retelling. We follow Bill Murray (Frank Cross) as he meets with three ghosts on Christmas Eve. By the end of the night he has transformed from a money obsessed selfish television executive to a true believer in the Christmas spirit and power of giving back.

“If you give…then the miracle can happen to you.” What does Frank mean by give? What does he mean by miracle?

At the beginning of the film Frank gives his brother bath towels for Christmas. Why? Because he does not know his brother. He does not know anyone, because his actions have been guided by power and greed. Throughout the movie, he starts listening and learning about the people around him. He begins to reflect on the consequences of his actions, or inactions, and understand what it is people truly need.

In order to “give” you have to connect with those around you. You have to understand what they really need.

The miracle Frank refers to in this scene is purpose. He finally understands the power of doing for others. Working in his own self-interest has left him empty. Only through the power of giving back does Frank feel fulfilled. His miracle is the happiness that overwhelms when he starts living a life to help others.

Connection to Education

Everyone knows the phrase “slippery slope.” Most of the connotations are negative. Start off down the wrong path and a whole host of other problems are sure to follow. But, what if we applied this principle to making positive choices?

Image result for peak of a mountain cartoon

In the image above we see two sides of the mountain (two slippery slopes). One side represents making a poor choice and dealing with all the consequences of that choice. The other side represents positive actions and the benefits that come from going in that direction.

Where do we start to go down the positive path?

Frank started with giving and that is where educators should start. In order for Frank to give he had to understand the people around him. In order for educators to give, they have to know their students. Without creating meaningful relationships, the best we can hope to give our students are bath towels.

When you get to know your students, you know what they need:

  • Time
  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • Love
  • Attention
  • Affirmations
  • A Second Chance

Here is where the miracle happens. When you know what your students need and you give it to them, amazing things happen (miracles happen). Students look forward to coming to your class. They work for you. They give you everything they have.

Giving opens up the potential of your students and provides them with the opportunity to fall in love with school. But Frank’s giving does not only help realize the miracle for the recipients of his kindness, he benefits as well. The same is true for educators.

When you form meaningful relationships with students and provide them with what they need, you will feel the overwhelming joy that few other professions provide. You will leave school with a big smile across your face.

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