If you have the privilege of working in public education you are astutely aware of the acronyms and jargon that come with the profession. The vocabulary is ever changing and if you are not up to date on current buzz words you will leave professional development more confused than when you started.

I don’t know if anyone would call it a skill or a strength, but I am able to connect specific movie scenes to almost any real life situation. And I am not speaking only about famous scenes, but insignificant scenes as well. It became easier for me to glean (there’s one of those education words) information from a professional development if I was able to align it with my internal movie database.

The job of a principal calls for hundreds of daily decisions. The more decisions I made the more I saw a pattern in those decisions. That pattern is what makes up my educational philosophy. I noticed that the foundation for my educational philosophy is comprised of dozens of movie scenes.

Over time I found myself providing advice to teachers by referencing movies. It made more sense for me to explain teaching or management strategies in terms of movies opposed to referencing educational philosophers.

The purpose of this blog is to share lessons from movies that are applicable to education. Whatever your role in a school is, you may find something to take away.

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