Educator Behavior


The emotional toll education takes on teachers makes balance essential to a happy career and a happy life. Rocky last post and now Mr. Miyagi. The venerable Socrates and Plato of the modern era. Both use combat sports (boxing and karate) as the vehicle… Continue Reading “Balance”

Asking and Answering Questions

There is an assumption that those in leadership positions have all the right answers. Although they frequently do have more experience, greater access to resources, and the benefit of seeing things from a broader perspective than other teachers, questioning ideas, initiatives, and lines of… Continue Reading “Asking and Answering Questions”

Make Your Life Better

When reacting to student behavior are you asking yourself the right question: “Has anything you’ve done made your life better?” *This video contains graphic language* In American History X Edward Norton (Derek) is a recently incarcerated neo-nazi skinhead. Avery Brooks (Dr. Bob Sweeny), one… Continue Reading “Make Your Life Better”

Feel a Great Deal Better

Why not be the educator who changes how a parent views school? *This video contains graphic language* For a variety of reasons parents can be weary of schools, teachers, and principals. Maybe their educational experience was less than ideal. Perhaps, they have been taken… Continue Reading “Feel a Great Deal Better”

Be Nice

There are many lessons that can be learned from the late great Patrick Swayze, but none may be more important than “Rule 3” from his famous Road House speech. What may come across as obvious is frequently overlooked in education. *The video contains graphic… Continue Reading “Be Nice”

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