Educator Mindset

Coping with Failure

If you have a growth mindset, you know that failure is part of the learning process. That does not make it any easier to deal with, however. It is critical to not let setbacks impede your progress. I cannot believe it took until my… Continue Reading “Coping with Failure”

There is No End Zone

The very thing that makes education so challenging makes it so rewarding. You never complete a project, close a sale, or finalize a build. Teaching is never ending. That might sound ominous, but it is the constant struggle that forces educators to grow, making… Continue Reading “There is No End Zone”

Teacher Confidence

Teaching is a profession, a craft, and an art. Have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Technically it is a show, not a movie. But “Homer at the Bat” is a classic Simpsons episode. Even though Homer is having an MVP caliber season playing… Continue Reading “Teacher Confidence”

Strictly Business

With relationship building at the heart of any great educator, how is it possible to not take it personal? Student behavior is erratic. When a child makes a poor choice, there may be no rhyme or reason for it. We must come to terms… Continue Reading “Strictly Business”

Groundhog Day

Students will push your buttons, get on your last nerves, and ruin your day. But each morning you must wipe the slate clean to provide every child with a fresh start. In the 1993 comedy classic Groundhog Day, Bill Murray (Phil) relives the same… Continue Reading “Groundhog Day”

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