It Just Doesn’t Matter

There is enough to deal with inside the classroom. Don’t get distracted by all the noise outside your four walls. Back to back blogs with soliloquies from the king, Bill Murray. Camp North Star is down big to rival, Camp Mohawk. All seems lost….


Put a Little Love in Your Heart

What is the best way to leave school with a smile on your face? There are certain holiday movies I look forward to watching every year. Scrooged is one of those films. It is great from start to finish. However, the last ten minutes…

Keep Your Focus

Every year education gets more complex. There is more to do, more to worry about, and more to understand. In a profession that is often overwhelming, it is extremely important to maintain your focus. The aging pitching ace, Kevin Costner (Billy Chapel), finds himself…

Adopting New Ideas

As educators we are overwhelmed with resources, professional development, and information. There are times when we are blown away by what we see or read that others are doing with students. While it is extremely important to continuously grow, we must be sure not…

You Don’t Always Have to Win

That is a difficult title for me to write. Growing up with two brothers, competition was a way of life. However, in education, always trying to come out on top can ruin relationships. I hated this scene when I was a kid. I rooted…

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