Embrace student Passions

When students leave for college, they often find an increase in opportunities to find out who they are and to be with people who share their same passions. Unfortunately, grade school students do not have as many avenues to express themselves in a manner… Continue Reading “Embrace student Passions”

It is your fault

If everyone is giving you a break and providing excuses for your students’ lack of growth, it is time to address those failures head on. Hold yourself accountable if you want to make a difference. *This video contains graphic language* Back to back Good… Continue Reading “It is your fault”

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Teachers spend an exorbitant amount of time at school. The relationships created within the school walls last a lifetime. Engage with the people that are going to support, challenge, and grow you as an educator. *This video contains graphic language* Will Hunting (Matt Damon)… Continue Reading “Surround Yourself with the Right People”

Attitude Reflects Leadership

In a time of uncertainty, it is more important than ever for principals to model the characteristics they wish to see in teachers. Educators will mirror a positive attitude, calm demeanor, and solution minded outlook when that is what they see from the building… Continue Reading “Attitude Reflects Leadership”

Too Busy Winning

There are a thousand areas where teachers can direct their attention. It is hard to know where you will get the most return on your energy investment. Be careful not to dedicate your valuable time to something that might come across as impactful, but… Continue Reading “Too Busy Winning”

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