Embrace Student Passions

When students leave for college, they often find an increase in opportunities to find out who they are and to be with people who share their same passions. Unfortunately, grade school students do not have as many avenues to express themselves in a manner that reflects who they are.

Choose Wisely

There are a lot of things that we are unable to choose. “Stuff” comes our way and we have to deal with it. When you have the opportunity to choose, be sure to make the choice that is going to set your students up for success.

You Don’t Always Have to Win

That is a difficult title for me to write. Growing up with two brothers, competition was a way of life. However, in education, always trying to come out on top can ruin relationships.

Connecting with Students

Making an effort to connect with your students can have a meaningful impact on the relationships you form. And we all know relationships are the foundation for any great school.

*This video contains graphic language*

Help Me Get One More

The number of students requiring additional support can be daunting. Having the mindset to save one at a time might just get us there.

*This video contains graphic images*

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